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On the Teaching Mode of Marketing Course in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.010


Qianmin Li

Corresponding Author

Qianmin Li


According to the learning situation of students in higher vocational colleges and the teaching characteristics of marketing specialty in China, this paper makes an in-depth analysis on the problems existing in the course teaching of marketing specialty in higher vocational colleges at the present stage and finds that the current course teaching mode has serious solidification problems and there is insufficient interaction between teachers and students. At the same time, higher vocational colleges pay special attention to the cultivation of students’ practical ability, but at present, there is a lack of teaching practice, which is not conducive to students’ improvement of learning experiences, and there are some deficiencies in the allocation and utilization of teaching resources. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the teaching mode of the course of marketing, break the traditional fixed teaching mode, and strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, make full use of teaching resources to further improve the teaching effect of marketing specialty in higher vocational colleges.


Higher vocational colleges, Marketing management, Courses, Teaching mode