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Research on the Adaptation and Development of the Minority Population in the City——Take the Hui Nationality in Tianjin as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.002


Xiao Yu

Corresponding Author

Xiao Yu


The Hui nationality, as the most populous ethnic group among the minorities in Tianjin, faces the dilemma of "stay" and "flow" in urban life.In order to enable the Hui people to better integrate into the Tianjin society and further promote the healthy, harmonious and prosperous development of Tianjin, it is necessary to fully understand the basic situation and current situation of the Hui people in Tianjin, and analyze the factors that plague the Hui people’s "stay" and "flow". So as to put forward corresponding countermeasures and feasible suggestions for the adaptation and development of the minority population in the city.


Minority, the Hui Nationality, "stay" and "flow" ,Development Strategy, Feasibility Suggestion