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Fishermen and the Sea: Construction of a Peaceful Marine Space and a Harmonious Marine Society in Northeast Asia

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DOI: 10.25236/ssehr.2021.001


Wenyu Xu

Corresponding Author

Wenyu Xu


The long-term friendly interaction in the East Asian waters has formed a “community” of regional politics, economy, and culture, providing many achievements and possibilities for constructing a peaceful marine space and a harmonious marine society in Northeast Asia. Relying on sea as the medium and exerting the power of fishermen community provide an important foundation and guarantee for constructing Northeast Asian marine humanistic network, which is also the “civilization mission” that Northeast Asian fishermen should undertake. The natural linkage of the sea, the convenience of geographical conditions, the integration, symbiosis and similarity of cultures, plus the common aspiration for security interests and economic development, provide opportunities for the construction of Northeast Asian marine humanistic networks with fishermen and the sea as a medium. Promoting the exchange and mutual learning of Northeast Asian fishermen via diverse forms, constructing an interactive system of fishermen community, and developing marine economic cooperation in the Northeast Asian coastal fishermen community are important ways to optimize and expand the Northeast Asian marine humanistic network.


Northeast Asian humanistic network, Fishermen community, Marine culture