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The Application of Farming Culture in the Landscape Design of Agricultural Theme Park

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.116


Yuxiang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yuxiang Zhang


As a big agricultural country, farming culture has an important position in Chinese traditional culture. As one of the major agricultural provinces in China, Shanxi has a profound connotation, diverse types and a long history of farming culture. With the development of new projects such as eco-tourism, agricultural science and technology tourism, agricultural theme park, as an organic combination of agricultural science and technology park and leisure agriculture, is a new bright spot of leisure agriculture development. On the basis of research and development as well as dissemination of high-tech agricultural science and technology, innovating the aesthetic value and sightseeing function of agriculture is a new agricultural landscape which focuses on agricultural science and technology and integrates sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, participation and inheritance of agricultural culture. It can not only promote the progress of agricultural science and technology, realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional agricultural industries, but also meet the needs of modern people for health and leisure space. At present, the construction of agricultural theme parks has become a trend of agricultural landscape development. This paper attempts to study the integration of traditional farming culture into the landscape design of ecological agricultural sightseeing park, which has certain theoretical and practical guiding significance for supplementing and perfecting the theoretical system of landscape design of agricultural sightseeing park and exploring the landscape design method of agricultural sightseeing park.


Farming culture, Main park, Landscape design