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Research on the collaborative thinking of carbon financial products based on the perspective of institutional innovation in the context of carbon neutrality

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.113


Li Feng, Huang Lei

Corresponding Author

Li Feng


Under the threat of continuous deterioration of the environmental climate and global warming risks, whether carbon dioxide emissions can be reasonably controlled has become an urgent problem for many countries. Global warming has given birth to a low-carbon economy, and subsequently the carbon trading market and carbon finance industry. In response to global warming, countries around the world have begun to accelerate the development of low-carbon economy, which has given birth to the development of low-carbon finance. The development of carbon finance is of great significance. Carbon finance originated from international agreements to control global greenhouse gases, and is an application of economic means to promote effective emission reduction of greenhouse gases. The existing production and lifestyle needs to be adjusted from a low-carbon perspective to achieve sustainable economic development. Perfecting the national carbon emission rights trading market is an innovation that makes full use of the theory of carbon finance to control environmental pollution and promote the development of green finance. It is also a carbon financial derivative tool that achieves carbon peak and carbon neutrality. As a carrier of financial system innovation, carbon metals require commercial banks to innovate their business models. This article analyzes the problems in its development process, and explains effective countermeasures and suggestions.


Carbon neutrality, innovative perspective, carbon financial products