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Research on the Evolution and Key Mechanism of Digital Currency Based on "Block Chain"

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.129


Zhaoyi Xu, Yuhao Zeng, Shenfeng Deng

Corresponding Author

Zhaoyi Xu


Digital currency is a great change in the financial field and the research of digital currency has long been carried out. In the era of fast changing Internet, digital currency has attracted much attention. Moreover, its development and supervision are the core issues. The development of block chain technology has exerted great effect on the digital currency. Based on the block chain technology, this paper analyzes the evolution of digital currency and tries to figure out related reasons. Furthermore, this paper analyzes the mechanism of digital currency from different angles, mainly including the nature, attribute, anchoring and credit creators of digital currency. Under the different conditions of financial innovation efficiency and currency risk, it’s necessary to design the idea of the core mechanism of digital currency and analyze the practical operation and development prospect of digital currency. Based on the understanding of the risk of digital currency, it’s imperative to put forward effective supervision system and regulatory strategy, so that digital currency can run smoothly and play an active role in the Internet era.


Digital currency, block chain technology, credit mechanism, risk regulation.