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The Construction of Moral Education Model for College Students Based on the Whole Course of Professional Development Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.110


Xingdong Du

Corresponding Author

Xingdong Du


With the development of higher vocational education in China, the number of students has increased sharply, and the traditional methods of moral education are difficult to meet the needs of the new situation. The problems of college students' education, management and service are becoming more and more prominent. Vocational education and moral education play a very important role in college students' employment and future career development. They are unified in the cultivation and improvement of college students' comprehensive quality, so it is necessary to correctly understand the relationship between them. In practical work, we should try our best to find an effective way to combine them, effectively combine them organically, and give full play to their respective advantages, so as to truly cultivate all-round development talents suitable for social needs and future development direction. College Students' career development education runs through the University, which is to carry out career awareness for college students in a purposeful and planned way. Professional knowledge. The practical activity of vocational ability training is a new way of moral education in Colleges and universities, which is conducive to college students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, outlook on job selection and lofty ideals. This paper explores from the aspects of university career development, moral education and educational model.


Career development, moral education, education model