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Exploring the Ways to Integrate Construction of Class and Group in Universities Based on Quality Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.109


Lin Yang

Corresponding Author

Lin Yang


In the new era, how to build a fully functional mechanism for the integrated operation of universities, how to conform to and realize the reform ideas of the Communist Youth League in universities, and how to improve the vitality and cohesion of the grassroots organizations of the universities, all have a lot of good exploration and experience. The general structure of the grassroots league branch of universities is in the administrative class, and exploring the integrated operation mechanism of the group and the group is one of the ways to improve the vitality of the league branch in the system design. The integration of the college class and group is conducive to closely uniting and leading the youth league members and young students. It is an effective measure to thoroughly implement the spirit of Jinping's series of speeches on focusing on the growth of young people and strengthening the development of the Communist Youth League. However, universities have little research and practice on the integrated operation mechanism of class and group, only starting from the unilateral activities of class committee or league branch, failing to form a scientific and reasonable operation mechanism. Should be problem-oriented, implement the new concept of reform and development, strengthen and improve the integrated operating mechanism of universities.


Quality education, integration of class and group, construction approach