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Study on Fluid-Solid-Heat Coupled Numerical Simulation of Bathroom Wind-Warm

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.079


Jiajia Yu, Yi Long

Corresponding Author

Jiajia Yu


A good air quality environment in the bathroom will bring a more comfortable showering experience. In winter, people use wind heating to heat the air in the bathroom to increase the ambient temperature during showering. The installation position of wind heating in a bathroom has a significant impact on the airflow organization and movement as well as human thermal comfort in the bathroom. In this paper, the method of numerical simulation is used to study the heat transfer process of a brand of bathroom wind heaters. The structure of the bathroom and the human skin tissue are simplified. The velocity and temperature fields of the air and human body models in the bathroom are obtained for different installation positions (overhead and side) and different heating powers (2,200w, 2,000w, 1,800w and 1,600w respectively) of the wind heating. The comparison focused on the effect of different installation positions on the human body during showering at the same heating power. By comparison, it was found that inlet 1 as the air inlet was 100cm away from the human shower position, which did not bring obvious wind sensation and its heat transfer effect could meet the thermal comfort of human body in the shower.


Numerical simulation, wind heating, thermal comfort