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Research on Computer Aided Graphic Design Image Processing Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.076


Hao Miao

Corresponding Author

Hao Miao


With the continuous progress of modern science and technology, it has become more and more common to use computer-aided technology to achieve better visual aesthetic effect in graphic design. Computer-aided software has greatly promoted the innovation of graphic design methods and the improvement of design efficiency, and brought into full play the role of visual aesthetics in design. In this paper, a technical scheme of graphic design image processing based on wavelet is proposed. On the basis of two-dimensional image modeling, the discrete wavelet method is used to transform the image, and the threshold design of wavelet coefficients is improved and quantified. At the same time, the corresponding wavelet coefficients are used to reconstruct the processed image, and finally a complete graphic design image processing scheme is formed. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has better denoising effect than the amplitude-based matched filtering algorithm.


Computer-aided, Graphic design, Image processing