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Construction of Xi'an TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) International Exchange Platform under "the Belt and Road Initiative"

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.127


Aixiang Huo

Corresponding Author

Aixiang Huo


Since ancient time, TCM as the important contents of the exchanges and cooperation between countries along the ancient Silk Road, has taken root in countries along the route along with trading activities and has become health resources shared and co-built by people along the route in different forms. In the 7-10th century AD, TCM widespread throughout the world with the prosperity of the Tang and Song dynasties, and became the main treatment theory and method in many places. In the 19th century, the rapid development of Western medicine brought about a certain degree of impact on traditional Chinese medicine. However, due to the increasingly prominent drug resistance, toxic and side effects of chemical medicine, traditional medicine receives popularity among the public again due to its specifically safe, economic and humane healthcare model. Particularly since the 1990s, its influence in other countries has been further expanded. So far, TCM has been transmitted to more than 183 countries and regions in the world.


Traditional Chinese medicine, the Belt and Road Initiative, cultural.