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Application of Instrumental Analysis in the Detection of Food Chemical Hazardous Components

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.072


Wu Chongtian

Corresponding Author

Wu Chongtian


People pay more and more attention to food safety in the new period of social development, which is closely related to people's health. At present, China has begun to disclose the results of random inspection of food safety to the public, so many food quality problems have been exposed, which has gradually attracted people's attention to food safety. In recent years, in the process of testing food ingredients, China has found that food contains chemical hazardous ingredients, which makes people pay unprecedented attention to whether food contains chemical hazardous ingredients. China's food safety law clearly stipulates that hazardous chemicals are not allowed to be used in food. Therefore, It is of great significance to use detection methods to detect whether there are residual chemical hazardous components in food.


Instrumental analysis, Food safety inspection, Chemical hazardous components