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Study on the Motion Analysis and Influencing Factors of Simple Pendulum and Double Pendulum

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.059


Xuanjin Chen

Corresponding Author

Xuanjin Chen


The large swing angle simple pendulum experiment caused systematic errors in periodic measurement due to the neglect of air damping. Based on the motion equation of a single pendulum with weak damping and large swing angles, the analytical formula of the cumulative “period” changing with the pendulum is deduced, and the basic law of the decrease of the “period” with the pendulum is analyzed. Combined with the analysis of experimental data, it is verified that it is used. The system error correction is carried out in the large swing angle simple pendulum experiment, so as to reduce the feasibility of random error through cumulative measurement. A double pendulum formed by two single pendulums connected in series is hung at one end, and two single pendulums with the natural frequency of the double pendulum are hung at the other end. First, push the high-frequency single pendulum as the driving force, and the double pendulum swings in an antisymmetric manner; secondly, push the low-frequency single pendulum gently, and the double pendulum responds in a symmetrical manner; then, push the double pendulum in any way, and the high-frequency single pendulum immediately Responds, resonance occurs, low-frequency pendulum response is very slow, but it can still last for several hours.


Weak damping, Large swing angle, Systematic error, Periodic formula, Pendulum, Resonance