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Transmission Line Tower Model and Lightning Protection Performance Calculation Based on Wavelet Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.058


Su Ningjie

Corresponding Author

Su Ningjie


Lightning overvoltage is the main cause of breakdown of insulators in high voltage transmission lines, and lightning protection measures are different for different types of lightning overvoltage. In order to prevent lightning accidents, it is very important to accurately evaluate the lightning wave performance on transmission lines, and the transmission line tower model and lightning protection performance calculation based on wavelet analysis are very important. The research shows that the results calculated by lumped inductance and single WI(wave impedance) model are too conservative, and if the insulation standard of power station is calculated by this model, the problem of excessive investment will inevitably occur. However, the multi-WI model accurately simulates the lightning current intrusion process in transmission line towers.


Wavelet transform, Transmission line tower, Lightning protection performance calculation