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Trouble-Shooting and Analysis of Mechanical Structure of CNC Equipment Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.057


Yang Jingjie

Corresponding Author

Yang Jingjie


Based on the analysis of the current reliable mechanical structure of CNC equipment, this paper introduces a new method--Internet of Things technology into the troubleshooting analysis of the mechanical structure of CNC equipment, and establishes a system structure for troubleshooting the operation of CNC equipment based on the Internet of Things. Aiming at the problems of equipment management such as the ineffective supervision of many equipment in the CNC equipment group, inadequate maintenance and CNC structure troubleshooting system based on networking technology. The overall design and hardware and software design of the system are introduced, and the Internet of Things technology is introduced to make the numerical control equipment an intelligent terminal that generates transparent data information, and stores and analyzes the data generated in the production and management links during troubleshooting. The composition of the system hardware and software is introduced, the design process of the system hardware is explained in detail, and the circuit of each part of the hardware is established; the function and use technology of each part of the system software are introduced, and the realization method of the system is studied and developed Prototype system. The development and application of the system show that the scheme is an effective method to solve the reliability failure analysis problem of CNC equipment.


CNC equipment, Mechanical structure troubleshooting, Internet of things