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Construction of Information Security Evaluation Model Based on Information Ecology

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.056


Tian RuJun

Corresponding Author

Tian RuJun


In this paper, the author researches on the construction of information security evaluation model based on information ecology. The traditional static security defending system, such as firewall, data encryption, identification authentication, admission control and operate system reinforced technology, can’t completely satisfy the need of the security condition. According to the complexities and diversifications of the attack methods and means, the intrusion detection technology, become a new hot issue in the field of the information security. By using Bayesian topic modeling to capture the intrinsic structure of atomic activity and interactions in the NAS security private cloud network, we effectively tune model parameters to detect as quickly as possible, the transition from normal to abnormal behavior. The experiment result shows the proposed method can improve the overall system performance substantially.


Security private cloud network, Information security evaluation model, Information ecology