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Research on Network Positive Energy Communication Based on Positive Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/ermss.2021.057


Dai Ying

Corresponding Author

Dai Ying


With the development of the Internet to the mobile Internet stage, the continuous updating of communication technologies and means has brought about the rapid expansion of new media forms and new media services. The spread of network positive energy is conducive to social cohesion and can provide spiritual strength for building a harmonious society. The network positive energy communication has great power in promoting positive subjective experience, building positive personality and good public opinion environment. Positive psychology is a psychological trend of thought that studies the positive aspects of human strength and virtue. It advocates studying the positive qualities of human beings, so as to promote the development of individuals and society and make human beings happy. This paper focuses on the importance and necessity of network positive energy communication, the problems encountered in the communication process and other aspects, and puts forward the communication strategy of network positive energy from the perspective of positive psychology.


Positive psychology, Positive energy of network, Spread