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Research on Cognitive Model of University Digital Library Information Retrieval Users

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.066


Yang Ying

Corresponding Author

Yang Ying


Emotion and cognition directly affect users' information behavior, so it is necessary to explore users' cognitive behavior characteristics. In order to provide more reliable information retrieval services for users, it is necessary for libraries to change the traditional information view, deeply analyze users' information retrieval needs, analyze users' retrieval behavior from the emotional and cognitive perspectives, establish a model of users' retrieval behavior, fully grasp users' personalized needs, and then formulate more scientific information retrieval service schemes. This paper expounds the information retrieval of university digital library, probes into the influence of users' cognitive factors on information retrieval based on the concrete analysis of the obstacles existing in the information retrieval process, and constructs a user cognitive model of university digital library information retrieval. Information retrieval is essentially a cognitive process. Grasping the characteristics of users' behaviors from the emotional and cognitive perspectives is helpful to explore the potential needs of users and formulate more scientific information service strategies.


Digital library, Information retrieval, Cognitive model