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Study on Chitosan Composite Biomaterials Based on Nano-Carbon Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.044


Yichen Zang

Corresponding Author

Yichen Zang


Nanofiber reinforced composites have attracted wide attention in the field of biomaterials because of their unique structural advantages. Chitosan has good biocompatibility, hemostatic and antibacterial properties, and has a wide application prospect in the field of biomaterials. However, the poor mechanical properties of chitosan limit its application. Silk micro-nano fibrils have good biocompatibility, degradability in vivo and excellent mechanical properties. If different forms of polysaccharide-protein composite biomaterials can be obtained based on chitosan and silk fibroin nanofibers, its application in biomedical engineering materials will be expanded.


Nano-carbon materials, Chitosan composite biomaterials