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How Does the Conjugated Structure in Organic Compounds Affect Its Color

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.036


Xiuhao Guan

Corresponding Author

Xiuhao Guan


Conjugation effect is a manifestation of electronic effect, which has great influence on the properties of organic compounds, especially on the stability of active intermediates formed in the reaction process. These influences make some abnormal phenomena of organic compounds and products and yields of organic reactions fully and thoroughly explained. Based on the color of matter and its influencing factors, the essence of color of matter is discussed by using chromogenic theory, and the relationship between the color of organic compounds and its molecular structure is emphasized. The microcosmic mechanism of organic compounds' coloration is discussed by using molecular orbital theory, and the relationship between conjugated transition types of organic molecules and color is expounded. It is concluded that conjugated transition types in organic molecules are the main reason for organic compounds' coloration.


Organic compounds, Conjugate structure, Color