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Influence of Guzheng Music Art, Music Theory thoughts of Han and Wei Dynasty on Later Generations

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.123


Jing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhang


Han and Wei dynasties are the periods with great development of Chinese economy and culture. Music culture was flourishing as never before. Guzheng as a Chinese ancient music instrument has obtained substantial development and received popularities by people in all social classes. It has become a music well favored and indispensable musical instrument. With the increase of its position, it has become an important accompaniment of musical instruments in Han Yuefu and Xianghe song. This paper tries to organize the Guzheng music art, and music theory thoughts in Han and Wei dynasties, and discuss its influence on later generations.


Qin Guzheng, music theory thought, Qin Guzheng back to Qin.