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Clinical Observation on Intervention of Primary Dysmenorrhea with “Nvfu Point” Based on “X-Shaped Balance Theory”

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2021.033


Hongshen Zhang, Tonghua Long, Zhihua Zeng, Ziyuan Fu, Yufeng Zhao, Haoye Guan and Lihua Huang

Corresponding Author

Lihua Huang


To explore the clinical efficacy of primary dysmenorrhea with “Nvfu point” based on “X-shaped balance theory”; method: 70 patients with primary dysmenorrhea in this study were randomly divided into control and observation groups, with 35 in each group.The observation group was treated with Nvfu point and corresponding points, and the control group was treated with oral ibuprofen.Results: A total of 64 patients completed the trial in this study, including 31 in the control group and 33 in the observation group, which significantly improved in VAS score and prostaglandin expression levels compared with the control group, and were statistically significant(P<0.05).Conclusion: acupoint pressing with human body X-shaped balance method treats primary dysmenorrhea and is worth popularizing.


X-shaped balance method, Nvfu point, Ibuprofen, Primary dysmenorrhea, Clinical efficacy