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We Should Not Judge Those from the Past by the Standards of Today

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.084


Luhongyi Wan

Corresponding Author

Luhongyi Wan


We live in the present. Everyone looks at problems with a unique perspective brought by our time and our position. For example, if I'm a politician, even if I try to think from the perspective of civilians, I can't get rid of the thoughts of politicians. My thoughts will inevitably be affected by my status as a politician. Similarly, if I am a teacher, even if I used to be a student, I can no longer try to understand students from the perspective of students. There is no way to remove the unique angle of thinking brought by each person's identity. Whenever people think about problems, they will be connected with themselves. This is the way our human brain works and an unavoidable characteristic. Similarly, when we try to look at historical figures or events as modern people, it is impossible for us to avoid the differences in thinking and perspective brought by our modern identity. There are many things that are ridiculous to us modern people, but they are correct or understandable to people in the past. That's why I don't think we should use the current standard to look at things that happened before.


History, Behavioral standards, Criticism