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Research on Misunderstandings of "Cross-cultural Theories" and Strategies of Cultural Security in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.120


Danke Zhang

Corresponding Author

Danke Zhang


Language can be regarded as an important bridge for culture. Given the rapid development of current networks and new media technologies, cultural exchanges between China and the West have become more frequent. As an organic part of English teaching, the cross-cultural theories are becoming increasingly important in teaching. Meanwhile, some of bad social thoughts in Western culture have infiltrated into college campuses through multiple channels, leaving a great impact on the values of contemporary college students. Therefore, it is necessary to start with cross-cultural theories and thoroughly explore strategies of cultural security in college English teaching under the new situation. This paper elaborates the necessity of improving intercultural communicative competence in college English teaching, analyzes the misunderstandings of "cross-cultural theories" in college English teaching, and puts forward some strategies for strengthening cultural security construction in college English teaching.


College English teaching, cross-cultural theories, misunderstanding, cultural security.