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A Study on the Cognitive Process in Online Revision of Chinese ESL Writing

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.063


Xinli Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xinli Jiang


This study investigated the cognitive process of online revision in Chinese students' English writing using keystroke and stimulate recall method, focusing on the completion of online revision problem solving process and the specific reasons behind online revision behavior. The results showed that: 1) most particiants' online problem-solving process was relatively complete, including both problem discovery and problem correction. Among them, higher-ability students have a higher percentage of complete revisions than lower-ability students. 2) striving for accuracy was the most common reason for online revisions among all participants. 3) striving for polished language are the second most prominent reasons for higher-ability students and weak writing ability to modify.


Cognitive process, Online revision, Chinese ESL writing