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Study on Influencing Factors of Responsibility Division of Agricultural Carbon Emissions At County Level in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.055


Qingxiu Wu

Corresponding Author

Qingxiu Wu


At present, the climate change caused by the high content of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has brought a serious impact on human society, and the development of low-carbon economy has become the universal consensus of all countries in the world. Low-carbon economy mainly refers to the process of economic development, by reducing energy consumption or developing new energy sources to replace coal and oil, etc., to reduce carbon emissions in energy consumption, thereby reducing the carbon content in the atmosphere and reducing greenhouse gases. In order to reduce the negative externalities caused by carbon emission, the implementation of carbon emission reduction policy needs to quantify the environmental pressure, and allocate the responsibility according to certain division principles. The principle of carbon emission responsibility division is not only closely related to national development interests, but also has a profound impact on global climate policy. This paper studies the division principles of County Agricultural carbon emission responsibility, and analyzes the impact of these principles on China's carbon emission responsibility, so as to seek a more equitable division principle of carbon emission responsibility for China and seek long-term stable development of the country.


Low carbon economy, Agricultural carbon emissions, Division of responsibilities