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The Impact of Big Data on Agricultural Economic Management in the Construction of Smart Agriculture

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.045


Zixin Song

Corresponding Author

Zixin Song


The impact of big data on today's social industries can be described as extensive, and agriculture as the primary industry has naturally been greatly radiated. Through the effective combination of agriculture and big data, it can help the development of agriculture in an efficient and scientific way, so that agricultural economic management can reach a high level of standardization and uniformity. By building a big data platform, deploying smart agriculture, expanding data space, using remote planting monitoring to provide corresponding technical guidance to cloud agriculture, laying smart irrigation systems, designing the IoT, promoting the interconnection of agriculture and the Internet, and vigorously saving agricultural costs. Make agricultural big data truly become the future development trend.


Big data, Smart agriculture, Agricultural economy, Economic management