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Research on the Construction of “Soft Law” System of Social Governance in Hong Kong--Take the Governance and Internal Control Guidelines of Ngos as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.042


Zhongwei Mei, Jingmin Tang

Corresponding Author

Zhongwei Mei


The social governance system in Hong Kong is relatively mature. The HKSAR Government has established and improved the governance structure of the government, the non-governmental organization, social groups, voluntary organizations and other multi-faceted entities working together to govern, a relatively complete “Soft Law” governance framework has been formed, effectively ensuring that Hong Kong’s social governance bodies continue to participate in social governance activities in a healthy, orderly and efficient manner, and playing an important role in promoting the overall prosperity, stability and progress of the HKSAR. Taking the “Soft Law” as an example, this paper analyzes the main ideas and characteristics of the “Soft law” mechanism construction in Hong Kong’s social governance, so as to clarify the core and key points of the “Soft Law” construction in Hong Kong, with a view to modern social governance “Soft law” mechanism to provide useful inspiration and reference.


“Soft law”, Social governance, Multi-cooperation