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The Mixed Teaching Design of Pathology Experimental Technology Course Based on “Boppps” Teaching Mode and “Rain Classroom”

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.024


Qiuting Wen, Xianyan Wang, Haiying Dong, Xiuwen Yu, Wei Dou, Zhongwei Ai

Corresponding Author

Xianyan Wang


Pathology is a bridge course connecting basic and clinical courses, and it is one of the main courses of medical education. It mainly studies the occurrence and development of diseases by observing the morphological changes of organs, tissues and cells, and is a basic subject with strong practicality. The mixed teaching mode based on “BOPPPS+Rain Classroom” is a new teaching mode that makes full use of modern information technology, which is of great significance to improve the teaching effectiveness of pathology experimental technology course. Make full use of the intelligent teaching tool “Rain Classroom”, and reform the traditional physical chemistry teaching in an all-round way through group teaching, experimental teaching and classroom interaction. Evaluate the course teaching through diversified assessment methods. Practice shows that the application of “BOPPPS+Rain Classroom” teaching mode has improved students' interest in learning and class participation, and enhanced students' willingness to learn actively.


“Boppps” teaching mode, “rain classroom”, Experimental technology course of pathology, Mixed teaching