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Discussion on Construction of College Student Party Branches

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.115


Xiaobo Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaobo Liu


A student Party branch is the most primary Party organization in a college or university, the core carrier to gather the college Party members, and the main base to educate and manage the members, which is responsible for the direct education, management and supervision of the Party members and the organization, publicity, gathering and service for the masses. Therefore, it is very important to research the constructive significance of the college student Party branches. By the analysis of the significance, the current situation and existing problems in the construction of college student Party branches, the author puts forward some research suggestions in order to continuously improve their creativity, cohesiveness and fighting capacity, so as to make them give full play to the role of the guidance and fighting fortress with their thought, and constantly train qualified constructers and reliable successors for the Party and the state.


Party construction, colleges and universities, student Party branch, construction.