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Research on Searching for Calligraphic Masterpieces from the Treasure House of Ancient Calligraphy Art

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DOI: 10.25236/ieesasm.2021.006


LI Shenzhu

Corresponding Author

LI Shenzhu


An ancestor once said, “If you have bad handwriting, you have a bad heart.” The handwriting can tell the character of the writer.We often sign our names on letters and documents, but the handwriting can reveal the personality of the writer. Yet handwriting is always acquired. The writer's handwriting is shaped according to differences such as age, occupation and gender. Conversely, it can also be said that character is to some extent self-developed. A perfect calligraphic work reflects the writer's emotional temperament and artistic attainments.


Calligraphy, Noble, Cultured, Hu zuanzong, Chinese character