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Optical Principle Analysis of Surface Plasmon

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.055


Haijun Che, YongPing Wen, Yuexuan Li

Corresponding Author

Haijun Che


Surface plasmon is a medium with high energy storage density. With the continuous development of high-power laser technology, its optical function is widely used in various fields. Based on this, an analysis of the principle of surface plasmon optics is proposed. By analyzing the surface plasmon nanostructure, the distribution of its resonance absorption peak is obtained. The transmission enhancement phenomenon of surface plasmons is obvious; the electro-optical switching function of the electrode can meet the needs of the light aperture, and the transmittance is high; the nonlinear optical rotation effect is strong, and the intensity and polarization parameters of the beam can be adjusted and the lattice structure The laser detection has an important role.


Surface plasmon, Optical principle, Clear aperture