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Research on the Construction Path of the Digital Platform for Intermediary Services

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.054


Jiayi Ye, Jiaru Sun, Huiping Shi

Corresponding Author

Jiayi Ye


Digital path construction is requisite for intermediary service platforms to develop core competencies in the age of big data. Nevertheless, the capabilities of most intermediary service platforms are limited, and these platforms’ foundations for digital transformation are weak. Current theoretical bases and case materials available for reference have never been summarized systematically. Therefore, we expect to study the strategic process for building a digital agency bookkeeping service platform to promote development of enterprises. We will focus on four Chinese typical agency bookkeeping service platforms, visit and survey enterprises for exploring mechanisms of digital paths, and summarize how intermediary service platforms create digital paths through multi-case analysis, to provide paths as references for transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, and theoretical bases for these enterprises to identify their industrial positions and make strategic choices.


Digital, Intermediary Service Platform, Agency Bookkeeping, Multi-case Analysis