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Innovative Design and Optimization of Mechanical Structure Based on Visual Guidance

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.052


Su Ningjie

Corresponding Author

Su Ningjie


The structural design is very important in the production process of mechanical products, and the quality of structural design determines the performance of mechanical equipment. Through innovative design, we can realize the application of mature new technology, create new machinery, and optimize the mechanical structure in the optimization design to create the best machinery. As visual devices can provide enough environmental information for most robot applications, service robots are entering the visual era. Robots are more and more widely used in industrial production and human services. The integrity and accuracy of robot arm functions need to be combined with image technology, which includes complex signal processing and identification. It is necessary to detect objects, avoid obstacles and plan arm movement. Starting from the overview of mechanical innovative design, combined with visual guidance, this paper studies and discusses the innovation of mechanical structure, in order to promote the good development of mechanical industry.


Visual guidance, Mechanical structure, Innovative design