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Correlation Analysis between Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Based on Color Features

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.051


Yang Jingjie

Corresponding Author

Yang Jingjie


There are physical correlations among various disciplines of mechanical engineering, and there is also the co-integration of information and functions. For the development of enterprises, more and more attention is paid to improving the automation level of mechanical design. Color is the simplest and most effective feature to describe an image. Compared with other image features such as shape and texture, color has certain stability, is insensitive to direction and image size, shows strong robustness, and is relatively easy to extract. In the process of practice, we should give full consideration to the application and functional characteristics of mechanical and electronic engineering and AI (Artificial Intelligence), so as to promote the research work of their correlation to achieve the expected results. Based on this, this paper will analyze the correlation between mechanical and electrical engineering and artificial job intelligence.


Color features, Mechanical engineering, Ai, Correlation