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Comparison of Work Values between Staff in Tourism Industry and Students in Tourism Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.112


Lijun Jiang

Corresponding Author

Lijun Jiang


Adopting the WVI (work values inventory) by Ning Weiwei, the author carried out a research about the work values among the students of four tourism universities and staff in 35 tourism enterprises. From the perspectives of the related influencing factors and priorities, this paper has found that the work values of tourism students are mainly affected by their major and attitude towards major while those of the tourism staff are affected by their professional titles and job positions. The influential factors are prioritized as life style, academic achievement, economic payment, colleague relationship and independence for the former, while career achievement, colleague relationship, supervision relationship, life style and reputation for the latter. The differences of work values between these two groups lie in the following influential factors: achievement, independence, altruism, colleague relationship and supervision.


Tourism staff, tourism college students, work values.