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Design of Cotton Picking Manipulator

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.043


Ji Fulu, li xiu

Corresponding Author

Ji Fulu


At present, most of the cotton picking machines in the market use high-speed airflow to extract cotton. When the cotton is too tight inside the boll, the airflow is extremely difficult to extract the cotton, resulting in incomplete cotton picking, which in turn reduces the efficiency of cotton picking. In addition, the airflow When the cotton is transported through the pipeline, the cotton with high humidity is not easy to deform, which causes the problem of clogging inside the device. The cotton picking manipulator designed this time can be used to solve the problems raised in the technical background above. In view of some of the existing problems of cotton picking in China, the method of replacing the cotton picking manipulator with manual and cotton picker picking quilt has been researched. Based on the analysis of cotton agricultural characteristics and harvest characteristics, comprehensive analysis of the current domestic cotton planting methods and cotton collection requirements and conditions, and in accordance with the principles and methods of designing manipulators, a multi-degree-of-freedom harvesting cotton picking is constructed. Manipulator. In order to allow the manipulator to quickly and freely harvest the cotton bolls on the cotton plant, it is also necessary to reduce the operating space of the manipulator and the size of the parts and mechanisms to the greatest possible extent, according to the growth and distribution space of the cotton boll and the cotton picking manipulator. Operational requirements, and analyze and simulate the design variables, optimization marks and constraints in a given space, optimize and calculate the established mathematical model, and use the MatLab optimization toolbox is used for programming, and the parameters of the internal and external components of the cotton picking manipulator have been optimized.


Cotton, Picking manipulator, Mechanism design, Working space, Optimized design