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Design and Implementation of a Docker-Based Ipv6 Blockchain Application Framework

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.042


Wei Zhang, Lan Pan, Zhihao Ma and Tianrong Cao

Corresponding Author

Lan Pan


With the development of financial technology, people hope that more blockchain applications can be used on IPv6 networks. However, the complexity of technology makes the transplantation of blockchain to IPv6 network hard. Containers based on Docker can change this situation. The paper designed a container-based IPv6 blockchain application framework, using the installation of blockchain nodes in Dockers, one-click deployment, and data collection and displaying in the visualization service Docker, making blockchain applications very convenient transplant to IPv6 network. This article also uses Ethereum as an example to show the details of implementing the framework. This framework can greatly promote the deployment of blockchain applications on IPv6 networks and enrich the scenarios of financial technology.


Docker, Blockchain, Ipv6