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On Characteristic Music Teaching in Kindergartens with National Music

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.111


Xiaoxiao Fan

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao Fan


As quality-oriented education reform goes on, there is a new change in the idea of preschool education. In terms of education form, people tend to start from children's physiological and psychological development rules, introduce national music appreciation and focus on characteristic music education to explore a feasible education mode for children. Kindergartens should combine their actual conditions to explore characteristic music teaching resources, take national music as the entry point, continuously deepen education reform and drive joint development of children and teachers. This paper states the necessity of implementing characteristic national music teaching in kindergartens, discusses the basic principles of introducing national music teaching in kindergartens, and interprets several countermeasures to carry out characteristic music course teaching by applying national music in kindergartens.


National music, kindergarten, characteristic music, teaching.