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Research on City Water Consumption Forecast Based on SVR Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iccem.2021.037


Sifu Li, Jie Li, Yue Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jie Li


Due to the continuous growth of population, rapid economic development and continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for industrial and domestic water in the city has increased substantially, which makes the contradiction between the supply and demand of urban water resources intensified, and the problem of urban water shortage is becoming increasingly serious. The reasonable prediction of urban water consumption is of great significance to the optimal allocation and development of urban water resources. Based on the support vector regression (SVR) method, this paper constructs a prediction model of urban water consumption with MATLAB software. The results show that the model has certain accuracy and applicability, and the prediction results can be used for urban water supply optimization.


Support vector regression, Svr, Urban water use, Simulation analysis