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Reconstruction and Optimization of Oral English Teaching Materials in Vocational High Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.059


Xi Cao

Corresponding Author

Xi Cao


As a language course, English is characterized by its instrumentality, which is different from most other disciplines. Learning English and using English for oral communication are not only the needs of society, but also an important requirement of quality education at present, and also reflect the trend of foreign language teaching reform. Communicative competence is an important part of comprehensive language application ability. However, in the current junior high school English textbooks, the oral teaching part is not set separately in the textbooks like the training of reading and writing skills, but only included in the sections. These oral expression problems not only seriously affect students' initiative and enthusiasm in learning English, but also are not conducive to - mobilizing students' learning passion and interest and improving students' Comprehensive English literacy, so that it is difficult to meet their needs for all-round development in the future. This paper expounds the teaching materials of oral English Teaching in vocational high school in detail.


High school vocational English, oral English teaching, textbook reconstruction