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Research on Foreign Literature Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Comparative Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.058


Li Xiaoling

Corresponding Author

Li Xiaoling


Comparative literature and foreign literature have great similarities in connotation, content and methods in the specialty setting of universities. Foreign literature and comparative literature are compulsory courses for liberal arts majors in colleges and universities. However, due to many factors, foreign literature courses in colleges and universities are facing various contradictions and difficulties. In Chinese teaching, comparative literature and foreign literature education should be reformed on the basis of keeping proper distinction between them, and comparative literature should be used as an important conceptual basis and method in the teaching and research of foreign literature. With the development of the information age and the formation of economic globalization, it is increasingly important to understand and recognize multiculturalism. This paper mainly discusses how to combine comparative literature with foreign literature in class, how to take effective measures to improve the teaching effect of foreign literature, and truly integrate comparative literature into the discipline system of foreign literature.


Comparative Literature, Foreign Literature, Teaching Reform