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Research on the application of digitization in physical Museums

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.051


Ye Zhang, Hailiang Wang

Corresponding Author

Ye Zhang


In the face of the rise of digital exhibition, the future development of physical museums should be reconsidered. The advantages of breaking the time and space restrictions of viewing, enriching the forms of viewing and saving the exhibition resources of the museum are summarized by induction method, as well as the disadvantages of viewing quality not guaranteed. Using the method of literature reading and the field investigation of mining the present development of museum of entities in the lack of real experience and function of public space of a single question, finally using scheme of analogy method, the digital Display mode , entity museum compared with electronic reading way, the entity bookstore, draw lessons from electronic reading popular period, the entity bookstore transformation experience, Inspiring strategies for the future development of physical museums.


Digitization, Physical museums, Space design, Display mode