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Research on Deconstruction and Integration Path of System Technology of Wisdom Education

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.045


Wang Baocheng

Corresponding Author

Wang Baocheng


The rapid development of IT and its continuous penetration in the field of education are subverting the theory, mode and environment of the education system. In order to deeply understand the operation mode and realization principle of wisdom education system. As far as wisdom education is concerned, its emergence and development are closely related to modern technology. With the help of modern technology platform and relying on data resource library, it is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive integration of educators and educated people, and build a highly systematic educational management system, thus forming wisdom education. Schools need to integrate modern IT with teaching, give full play to the advantages of online education, promote the development of educational informationization, promote the process of educational reform, and achieve the goal of personnel training. This paper mainly studies the system architecture of wisdom education under the background of educational informationization, deconstructs the system and technology of wisdom education, clarifies the internal context of system and technology, and combs the corresponding relationship and development map between wisdom features and IT in wisdom education.


Wisdom education, Architecture, IT