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Application of Emotion-oriented Teaching in College Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.043


Jie Yan

Corresponding Author

Jie Yan


With the continuous development of society, people have begun to pay attention to the cultivation of emotion and think that emotion education is indispensable, which makes some teachers start to keep pace with the times and pay attention to the application of emotion education in music education. Emotion education plays an important role in promoting students' personal development and physical and mental health, and music education is essentially a kind of emotion education. Emotion affects people's way of thinking and cognition of things, and plays an important role in the personality accomplishment of college students. In music teaching, universities should pay attention to the use of emotional music teaching methods, so as to increase students' interest in music and their ability to learn music. This paper discusses the connotation and function of emotion education, expounds the significance of emotion-oriented teaching in college music education, and explores the appropriate strategies for applying emotion education in college music education.


Music education, Emotional orientation, Physical and mental health