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On the Digital Protection of Intangible Heritage under the Diversified Form of New Media

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.041


Yanjun Yang, Haonan Su

Corresponding Author

Haonan Su


With the rapid development of modern IT, we have entered the era of new media, which has a profound impact on many industries, as well as the protection of intangible heritage. In the process of modern social development, new media constantly emerge and show its diversified forms, providing a convenient way to acquire social and cultural knowledge. As the quintessence of traditional culture, intangible heritage protection is also highly valued by the society, which needs the extensive participation and support of the people and gives full play to the diversified forms of new media to realize digital intangible heritage protection. This will help to achieve a good publicity effect of intangible heritage, and continuously strengthen the public's awareness of intangible heritage protection. Taking intangible digital resources as the research object, this paper briefly expounds the protection mechanism of traditional intangible operation, expounds the contents of diversified intangible resources protection, and puts forward the protection countermeasures of diversified intangible resources.


Diversification, New media, Intangible heritage