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Research on the Effect of Career Planning on College Students' Employment Ability and Career Development

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.032


Minyun Chen

Corresponding Author

Minyun Chen


With the development of economy, the pressure of employment competition for college graduates is increasing. Some college students have no clear employment goals during their college years, which also leads to employment difficulties after graduation. At present, the employment situation of Chinese college students is not optimistic, and the employment problem has become the key content of career planning education in colleges and universities at all levels. Colleges and universities should attach importance to the establishment of employment guidance courses, train and expand teachers, so that students can obtain good career planning education, ensure that students have correct professional qualities and values, and enhance their employment competitiveness. Before choosing a career, schools need to train students' awareness of career planning, and also need to provide employment guidance to students, so as to clarify the aspects and goals of students' future development. This paper analyzes and discusses the problems existing in the current college students' career planning, and then puts forward the development path of college students' career planning from the perspective of service, hoping to bring help to the school's career planning education.


Career planning, Employment, Career