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Research on the Training Mode of Preschool Education Specialty in Local Universities under School-enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.031


Tingting Wu

Corresponding Author

Tingting Wu


With the rapid development of social economy, the demand and requirements of enterprises for talents have been greatly improved. Training pre-school education professionals is a basic and complex work, which requires collaborative innovation among universities, kindergartens, government and other relevant departments. At present, children's preschool education is highly valued by the state and local governments, and preschool education is welcoming opportunities for rapid development. At present, the social employment situation is not optimistic and the competition is fierce. Therefore, school-enterprise cooperation is particularly important, and teaching cooperation with enterprises with the same professional setting and employment direction can train professional talents and greatly improve the employment rate. "School-enterprise cooperation" is a talent training mode proposed in recent years, and it is a cooperation mode established by schools and enterprises. Starting from the necessity of talent training in school-enterprise cooperation, this paper puts forward the construction strategy of talent training mode of preschool education specialty based on the background of school-enterprise cooperation, and analyzes the safeguard measures of talent training mode in school-enterprise cooperation.


School-enterprise cooperation, Talent cultivation, Preschool education