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Research and Practice on the Teaching Mode of Speculative Writing for English Majors under the Background of "internet plus"

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.028


Liao Jun

Corresponding Author

Liao Jun


"Internet+education" is not only the main support and carrier of students' autonomous learning in the new period, but also reflects the method of building China into a network power and a smart China. Internet+education respects learners' differences, and embodies the structural nature of knowledge learning and cognition in the spirit of cultural constructiveness and transcendence of learners' personal abilities. From the perspective of "internet plus", combined with the problems in English majors' writing, the author discusses the ways and methods of cultivating English majors' critical writing ability from the aspects of teaching ideas, teaching methods, evaluation system and rational use of big data platform.


"Internet plus", English major, Discourse speculative writing