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The Fusion of Traditional Coisonne Filigree Technique in Contemporary Decorative Paintings

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DOI: 10.25236/memssr.2021.024


Wei Wei

Corresponding Author

Wei Wei


With the improvement of public aesthetics and the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of art, cloisonne decorative art painting is expected to stand out as a leader in the traditional craft. Starting from the overall overview of cloisonne fillet, this paper carries out detailed analysis and research on the application of craft pattern and color decoration in the production process of cloisonne. Retained on the base of traditional wire inlay enamel craft, combined with modern decoration forms of innovation design, wire inlay enamel decoration will be the past traditional adornment technique and production technology, the combination of the overall color more gorgeous, from the perspective of art production, better ways to incorporate traditional art to the present wire inlay cloisonne unique artistic charm.


Wire pinching technology, modern innovation, contemporary decorative painting